Regular Massage Has So Many Wonderful Benefits:

Manages Stress & Pain
Relaxes Mind & Body
Releases Tight Overworked Muscles
Increases Joint Range of Motion
Increases Circulation & Lymphatic Flow

Massage Can Help Relieve the Symptoms of:

Stiffness and Soreness of Neck, Shoulders
Upper, Mid, Lower Back, Hips. Legs, Feet & Hands
Tension Headaches & TMJ
Plantar Fasciitis
Rotator Cuff Strains
Piriformis & Hip Stress
Chronic Fatigue
Lyme Disease

Massage is a Wonderful Compliment to your Wellness Plan:

Chiropractic Care
Weight/Physical Training
Nutritional Plans
Detoxing Protocols
Reiki & Energy Work

Massage therapy can be more effective than medication for lower back pain:

Patients with chronic lower back pain who had weekly one-hour massages had more mobility and fewer aches after 10 weeks than those who received traditional therapy - painkillers, muscle relaxers and physical therapy. "We found that patients receiving massage were twice as likely as those receiving usual care to report significant improvements in both their pain and function," said Daniel Cherkin of Seattle's Group Health Research Institute.



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