Your Massage is Unique to YOU, using an Integrated approach I address your issues and exceed your goals !  I am Certified in, Hold a Certificate of Completion in and/or am Experienced in the Following:

- Swedish

- Deep Tissue & Neuromuscular 
  Trigger Point Therapy 

- Stretching 

  Table Stretching and Active Isolated Stretching

- Pre and Peri Natal

   All trimesters of Pregnancy and Post Natal. A Doctor’s Prescription for Massage is Required

- Lymphatic Therapy for Detoxification (NOT for Lymphedemas)

    Enhance your body’s ability to detoxify. Can be used during treatments for many  
  types of toxifications
  (with Dr’s RX)

- Cancer/Mastectomy Massage

  Pre & Post Surgery (With Dr’s RX)
  During chemotherapies and radiation treatments (With Dr’s RX)

- Medical Massage/Disabled/Hospice

    (Most conditions require a Dr’s RX For Massage)

  Cerebral Palsy 
  Multiple Sclerosis
  Scoliosis (With and Without Rods)
  Lyme Disease  
  Hospice Care Clients 
  Fibro Myalgia 


1/2    Hour - $  45  (+ TAX) = $48.09
1        Hour - $  75  (+ TAX) = $80.16
1 1/2 Hour - $110 (+ TAX) = $117.56

Cash or Local Check

All Rates Subject to 6.875% NJ Sales Tax Unless Accompanied by Doctor’s Prescription for Massage.


                                Natural Pathways Massage Therapy, LLC 2011