I was searching for a massage therapist who could provide deep tissue massage for my son who has had disabilities since birth: mainly C.P. which caused extreme tightness through his hips, legs and feet.  A friend referred me to Beth.

I met with her and we talked about my son.  I didn’t know if he would cooperate with getting a massage.  Beth asked specific questions about him, and said
she was willing to meet with us after hours when the office would be quiet and we would gradually get him used to coming into the office and into the massage therapy room.  She said that if this did not work out, she would come to the house and try working with us.  I cannot express how much this meant to me.

It only took a couple sessions and he was willing to climb up on the table and lay down for her to work with him.  She was able to provide the deep tissue
massage that he needed and in no time he would cooperate by laying totally still and even falling asleep at times.  I want to stress that this was NOT normal for him.  He was usually moving and getting him to relax this much was an amazing benefit for both of us.  He is so happy to see Beth each week he takes her hand and laughs with her, she talks with him and they have their own routine now. This has been a very positive experience for him.

During the past 2 ½ years we have followed her through changes in offices.  He is able to go into the office if others are present, he is able to climb up on
the table and cooperate with her to get ready for the massage and he absolutely loves to have his legs and feet massaged.  She has been able to work on the tightness throughout his hips legs and especially his feet.  His left foot and ankle have gained some flexibility and it shows in his improved gait (he is able to walk better and foot is much better aligned).

Beth has been willing to discuss and learn anything that she feels might help my son.  She takes a personal interest in him as with all her clients.  Her
willingness to take her personal time and the additional time to plan how we might be able to make massage therapy work for N. shows how much she cares about the individuals she treats.

Barbara Cyprus, Mother of N

I've been seeing Beth bi-weekly (initally weekly) for over 3 years, which is the length of time I've been struggling with low back/hip/ SI problems. Thanks
to Beth's expert deep tissue massage, stretching techiniques and her recommendations of various stretching exercises, I have never in my life been more flexible or had looser back muscles. This allows me to continue to enjoy my favorite exercise-cardiodance classes and to survive the long hours on my feet at my job. Beth is always willing to customize a massage to what her client really wants, A relaxing massage (you may need a designated driver), work out the knots, stretch the appropriate muscles, etc. Her determination and perserverance to find the right techniques to remedy individual problems sets her apart from many massage therapists. I highly recommend Beth Campbell and feel that you won't find a more skilled, dedicated, caring, personable
massage therapist anywhere.


I have been diagnosed with chronic neck and shoulder issues and find that the greatest relief has come from consistent therapeutic deep tissue massages. To
that end, I was referred to Beth Campbell's services several years ago and have been very pleased. I find her to be a consummate professional who understands the chronic nature of my issues and addresses them appropriately. Her prices are more than reasonable, her schedule is accommodating and her demeanor is second to none. You can tell when someone is passionate about their profession and Beth is just that type of person.

Tom, Parisippany

I started going to Beth when I had headaches, tight/knotty shoulders and upper arm pain. After only a few minutes I could sense that Beth could feel the
causes of my pain. By the end of my first session I felt better than I had in many months. What Beth does is so much more than just a massage. She has magical hands and can easily zero in on the spot to be addressed. I have been under Beth's therapeutic care regularly for over a year now. She is the gift that I give myself weekly. I have recommended her to many of my friends and associates who have also benefitted from her care.

So, Give Yourself a gift of
Massage ... You're Worth It !

Doris Harrison

I love my weekly massage with Beth. She's a caring, down-to-earth person who meets you at your level of comfort. I've been working at a computer for 30 years
and regular massage has now allowed the chiropractor to make adjustments that he hadn't been able to make in years. Beth even made some suggestions about how I had my desk arranged that were helpful as well as a couple of stretches that keep me relaxed between appointments.

Joan, Weekly

I have always HATED massage because I waited until my muscles were HARD AS ROCKS, making massage very painful. After 3 months of physical therapy for a knee complaint, which now appears to have resulted from my daily 3-mile walks with no stretching afterward, (the prescribed PT was essentially Stretch and Strengthen exercises), I decided to smarten up. I have been seeing Beth for about 7 months and she has helped me IMMENSELY. No more knee pain, back kinks are milder and more easily massaged away, occasional neck aches are even more occasional. And LADIES, NO MORE SEASONAL PLANTAR FASCIITIS. Beth is my Hero ! BOOK A MASSAGE !

Amy , Weekly

Beth Campbell has helped me over the years. The chronic back pain is gone. The sinus issues have been alleviated with her techniques. Furthermore, Beth specializes in "lymph drainage" which has kept my immune system strong and at its best over these years.

Thank You Beth !



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